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The latest as of 12/05/20

We understand the uncertainty regarding COVID-19 is unsettling and may affect your current or future travel plans, however the health and safety of our guests and our team is our paramount priority. 

Our team have taken extra precaution in the deep clean, sanitisation and disinfection of all our vehicles.  We have also restricted any personal contact with our guests and implemented social distancing procedures as advised by the Federal Government and World Health Organisation.

Whilst the future travel restrictions and implications remain uncertain, we are committed to updating our customers as and when we find any relevant information from the Federal Government.

Can I still travel?

We strongly recommend those with upcoming or new bookings, check the Smart Traveller website before commencing their travels or creating a new booking.  Whilst we are still accepting new reservations, we can not be certain of any future restrictions or implications on future travel that may be imposed beyond our control.  Any new bookings made as of 12/05/2020 will still be subject to our hire agreement and cancellation policy.

Can I change my booking?

If you are due to travel before 31st May 2020 and wish to change your reservation, we have waived any fees. Little Camper Co. will credit your booking and allow travel to be arranged for another date, subject to rates and availability.  If your reservation is after 31st May 2020, our usual terms and conditions of our hire agreement apply.

Can I cancel my booking?

If you have an upcoming trip before 30th June 2020 and wish to cancel, we will credit your reservation for another date, subject to rates and availability.  If you do not know when you will travel again, we can hold the credit for when you do.  Any other cancellations or refunds will be subject to our normal cancellation policy.

Can I return my vehicle early?

Yes you can return your vehicle early if you no longer wish to travel.  However, there will be no refund for any unused days.